Sacred Mystery was created by Brenda Henderson to provide a safe and sacred space for Goddess based spiritually eclectic women to experience the blood mysteries through the wheel of the year as well other learning’s.

We are a web of women who honor our relationship with ourselves, our aspects, and the other women in our circle. Continually searching to define who we are at a deeper personal and trans personal level. Revitalizing and celebrating our power as women, we recognize the knowledge and the wisdom that we all hold is sacred.

We are dedicated to take personal responsibility for our continued learning, healing and growth. Realizing we are diverse, we seek solutions for common issues as well as honoring the life experiences we have had.

Goddess based, spiritually eclectic, we embrace the divine feminine aspects of our Sacred beingness through group and personal ritual, meditation, drumming, chanting, dancing, magickal crafting, planned curriculum, shared experiences both personal and trans personal, shamanistic in nature, ever seeking the mystery.

Woman Heal Thy Self
I am a changing woman! I am transformation! I am!